Day 077 : Growing into a Success

Was contemplating the message on my way to gym today and saw this young leaf by the roadside. I thought it was a right on exemplification of the saying.

A friend of more than 10 years and a remarkable career mother shared on Facebook today the wisdom of Lee Ka-Shing (李嘉诚), a Hong Kong multi-billionaire whose rags-to-riches story holds many lessons about success. My favourite was “先成长,再成功”, which loosely translates to “First achieve personal growth before achieving success”.

Having questioned and chased after the notion of what it means to be a successful person, I totally understand this simple philosophy. Many a times, I felt I couldn’t have done something better because I haven’t acquired the breadth and depth in knowledge and character to deal with a semantic or emotional situation.

Very often, I’m frustrated with my impotency to react in these impromptu occurances. I thought I possessed the experience and wisdom to deal with them but more often than not, I’m incompetent to solve the problems or have the insight to inspire a solution.

So when I read the words, I realised that success is secondary. Personal growth is primary. When I grow as a person, my principles and actions will eventually bring about the successful outcomes I see in others. I realised, pride was in my way to grow. When we think we know better than everybody, we refuse to learn from anybody.

But there’s no end to growth. Which means that success is a fallacy. In other words, we should concern ourselves with growing, not achieving. And the first lesson is to suffocate the superiority complex and learn true humility. Even in the face of immense successes.


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