Day 079 : Building Castles in the Air

Today, like many days, is filled with mental constructions. Things to learn, to remember, to analyze, to react,  to solve, to reflect upon, to think out of the box of… so when I have a quiet moment, I indulge in daydreaming. What are the mental castles I build? I cannot remember. As soon as they are formed, they float away like the clouds. Maybe that’s because I don’t have a goal or aim in life.

This photo is of a massive construction site that I pass on my way to and from work daily. So I took a photo today and faked a reflection to represent that illusions (the castles in the air) take up more space than my willingness to get down and dirty to build my dream. But of course, first, I must have a dream.

To start dreaming, I must sleep more. Which means I now have an excuse to stay in bed! I can tell mum I’m sleeping for success 🙂

And then wake up to a nightmare.

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