Day 086 : A Monday Treat

Got off work today at 10:10pm today and was totally famished. I wanted to just have a light dinner of bee hoon soup but ended up savouring a richly-brothed thick rice vermicelli with slipper lobsters. We call them 虾婆 (Hokkien “hae boh“, Cantonese “har por” or “lai liu har”, the latter meaning prawns with a bladder problem) in Singapore and I’m used to calling them crayfish, but that’s actually incorrect.

Crayfish, also known as crawfish, looks like prawns with long extended pinchers. Slipper lobsters are these flatish crustaceans that Cindellera wouldn’t put her foot on.

Slipper lobsters is a fraction of the price of real lobsters but it’s still considered an ‘expensive’ delicacy in hawker centre terms. Since today was such a rough start to the week, I decided to give myself a treat. I’m happy now 🙂

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