Day 089 : FUNicating with Fungus

Came across these mushrooms on a midget field on my way to work and snapped a shot. I took the photo simply because they were new blooms on the field and thought nothing much of it except how beautiful the cap was. Well, at least for the one on the left that still had the full umbrella.

Then when I looked at the photo again, the cap and the 2 stalks suddenly appear to spell ‘O’ and ‘V’. So I got to thinking about a word with ‘ov’ and decided on ‘Over’ because the other thing that struck me how pretty but fragile the mushroom caps were.

When the beautiful and wonderful things that happened to us are gone, there’s no point in being trapped by their shadows, but to move on and get over that person or possession to find the next bliss in the field of happiness!


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