Day 091 : Manrriage

Attended the wedding dinner of an ex-schoolmate at The Legends Hotel Fort Canning last night. He married his boyfriend of 10 years. Can you imagine? A gay wedding here in Singapore!

The couple has requested that no photos of them be posted so they are not in any of the pics here because after all, our progressive nation has decided to keep the age-old Section 377A of the Singapore Penal Code. We inherited this law under the British-drafted Indian Penal Code of 1862. Section 377A criminalises sex between men and anyone caught violating this law can be jailed up to two years.

It is interesting to note that India, where the Singapore Penal Code originated from, has removed Section 377A and decriminalised consensual gay sex in 2009.

Anyway, this post is not about the right to have sex but a celebration of love. The wedding saw friends and colleagues of the couple turning up to witness their nuptials. No family members from either side of the grooms were present and the couple’s church friends also didn’t show because it was “against their religious beliefs”. I didn’t know Christianity to be anti-love and I’ve been a Christian all my life.

Their union may upset some and is unaccepted by law, but love needs no approval. Love is simple, but staying committed is not easy. When the couple exchanged vows and cockrings, I almost teared. It’s just so sweet and touching to be in the presence of a love like that.

Especially since this kind of love is forbidden.

The wedding was a black tie event and I only have rags to wear. Thankfully Jimmy came to my rescue with this sharp grey suit and bow tie!

I shouldn't be in this photo because I'm the only one who is still single... *tear roll down cheek*

Who's that cub? With my ex-classmate Chap, a man of multiple talents and good grades.

Ying Wen and I having oral sex with the camera.

The Mass Comm gang from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Never a boring bunch! Here's wishing the couple more fun times ahead in their life's journey as husband and husband!


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