Day 112 : Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party 2012

Johnnie Walker’s award-winning Jet Black party returns in 2012 to give invited guests a one-night only clubbing experience that skillfully blends sophistication, glamour and style. This is my third Jet Black party and I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how each party has something different to offer fans of the premium Scotch-Whiskey brand.

This edition of the Jet Black party was extra special for me because I won a micro blogging challenge in association with the event and got 4 extra invites to the party. Sweet! So joined by more friends to drink in the fun, here’s an account of how Jet Black 2012 was a night of partying to remember!

The location of the Jet Black party is usually held secret and released to invited guests just a couple of days before the party. This year, it's held at Mercedes-Benz Singapore Showroom.

To get to where the party was happening, we were picked up by a Mercedes and brought to the level 2 showroom of the centre.

Here with Merwin, Anis and the incredibly smart and hot blogger, Christine (

Welcome to the world of fastcars, star racers and Johnnie Walker! But remember, winners never drink and drive.

Gorgeously draped in black and hued with gold, the car showroom was transformed into a classy party venue.

Carefully matured with an exquisite balance of wood, climate and location, Johnnie Walker Black Label draws from a brewing origin as far back as the 1870s.

Delicious canapé waiting to meet discerning palates.

Showing the bling with Jak, the ever sharp-looking and affable Brand Manager of Johnnie Walker Black Label. VIPs received a 'gangsta' chain with a pendant of the iconic Striding Man.

Thumbs up to DJ Cassidy (USA) for flying half-way around the globe to spin for the party. This was his first trip to Singapore and he's been introduced to our passion for spicy food on his first night here.

Statuesque, beautiful and ooooh-so-hot! I lost my tongue when meeting DJ Crystal Q (Taiwan) upclose and personal. Part of the trio who played at Jet Black 2012 was DJ Kaku (Japan), but I missed catching him before the party started.

The Mercedes CLS-Class features a muscle of the latest car safety innovations. Will I ever own one?!

Fadilah has this quality about her that seem to light up any room. I gave her a puke facial during our trip for Jet Black Kuala Lumpur in 2011 so I can imagine how worried she must be in seeing me again. LOL.

With fashionistas dressed to nail the Jet Black party... Xueting, Juliana and Hong Peng.

The drink-like-fish gang... Choon Wee, Ian, Gordon, Angela, Merwin and moi.

There's always an element of fun at Jet Black parties with the integration of technology with social media. Jet Black 2012 featured this walk-in photo booth that allowed guests to pose with different backdrops and the photo is posted onto their Facebook wall.

After queueing for some time, we got our turn and I grabbed a shot with the Casio Exilim EX200 before getting all posey for our picture.

The resulting photo that was posted on my Facebook wall with just a tab of the event passcard. Cool!

Gasp! Johnnie Walker's Gold Label Reserve! This nectar in a bottle captures an aromatic note of honey and vanilla that is perfect for any celebration. Love it!

After all the posey photos, it's time to let Johnnie Walker unlock the fun of the night!

Quite early into the party, the event ran out of glasses and there's no way to drink Johnnie Walker except like this.

Juliana the-walking-costume-shop having her thrill of getting me drunk. However, she was the one who got super drunk even before the night was over! I wonder if she woke up smelling like the toilet the next day. Also saw a guy trapped chest-deep in a drain near the venue and had such a good laugh before helping him out of his pedicament. The kind dude helped his friend retreive his glasses that was dropped into the drain but ended up being stuck himself. It was such a hilarious scene.

After a few drinks, Vincent turned into Huang Fei-Hung (黄飞鸿)! ROFL!

Wahahahahaha... Johnnie Walker got a new promoter that doubles as the face that will scare any drunk into becoming sober!

DJ Cassidy in action! His musical choices and set was infectious!

Such a high at Jet Black 2012!

Have you been Johnnie Walkered?

The event's bartenders worked doubly hard to fulfill every drink order from the huge crowd but they never once lost their cool. Awesome!

Big thanks to the guys who served our table for the night and the ever-friendly crew who made the party a great experience!

A big thank you to Johnnie Walker for the invite and picking me to be the winner of the blogging challenge. Congratulations to another wildly successful Jet Black party that will have people walking and talking for a long time. Cheers to that!

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