Day 116 : Seki Japanese Restaurant & Bar

Arigatou to a food tasting invite by Seki Japanese Restaurant & Bar, I got a chance to let my tastebuds flirt with the deadly and the unusual. To be exact, I had my first sampling of Fugu and traditional Jap favourites given a modern twist.

If you have not yet heard of Fugu‘s (puffer fish) badass reputation for causing death by paralysis when ingested, now you know. Chefs preparing fresh Fugu sashimi need special licenses issued by the Japanese government that permit them to serve the dish and there are only a handful of such chefs in the world. To get a taste of potential death, diners have to sign an indemnity form before Fugu-ing.

A food tasting session where my life was at stake. You can imagine my excitement and anticipation of coming to Seki. And I survived to bring you this review…

Seki Japanese Restaurant & Bar is housed within Rendezvous Hotel at a district where art meets heritage. Within close proximity are the historical Cathay Building and National Museum, and new homes of modern art - School of The Arts, and Singapore Art Museum. Such a conducive setting to complement Seki's fusion culinary creations.

Entrance of Seki with bold contemporary lines and a hint of tradition.

Keith, the propreitor of Seki. He's got such a humble and personable demeanour.

An open kitchen concept allows diners to watch sushi and sashimi theatre.

I was dazzled by the elegant sparkle of Seki's glass crystal lampshades like a moth to a flame.

Seki's extensive bar menu boast a host of exquisite and exotic fruit Sakes. But they don't come cheap. The most expensive bottle costs over S$200.

We got a taste of Seki's signature concoction, Yoghurt Sake.

Juliana looks abnormal in normal clothes. She's one fashion junkie that is in a class of her own. Always a visual surprise meeting her during events.

Chef preparing our sushi platter. This is the only Jap drama I will ever be interested in. Heh heh.

We had dried Fugu and not the fresh version so there's no risk of ending up on Seki's floor. Tastes kinda like fish jerky but softer.

Episode 2 in our Jap dinner... 3-Kind Sashimi Moriawase.

The choice seafood ingredients are imported directly from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo every Tuesday and Thursday.

Mega drool!!!

Episode 3... Sushi Moriawase and California Roll with a special Uni Sushi for the leading lady, Juliana.

Seki's Kamo Salad (Black Pepper Smoked Duck and Cabbage topped with Deep-Fried Springroll Skin).

Cheese Chawanmushi with Foie Gras. Yummers!

Soft and tender Gyu Shioyaki (charcoal-grilled beef in black pepper) with special mayonnaise mustard sauce.

Clicklicious cake bought specially by Juliana for a surprise birthday celebration for photographer extraordinaire...

... Darren Chin!

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, my expectations are generally higher. That’s the reason why I seldom eat bentos or Jap food at foodcourts because the finesse in flavour and texture is generally lost. Not that I have a snobby palate but I think Jap food is something that can be done wrong very, very easily.

With Seki, I am delighted by the freshness of the raw seafood and find the touches of reinvention to traditional favourites such as the Chawanmushi rather refreshing. Price-wise, it’s between the mid to high range with affordable meal sets under S$30. Personally, I think Seki provides a great setting for an intimate dining experience where it’s menu and Sake selection will definitely be conversation pieces.

Seki Japanese Restaurant & Bar

Address : Rendezvous Hotel, 9 Bras Basah Road, #01-02, Singapore 189559

Reservations : (+65) 6336 3806 / 6336 3807


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  1. Annie Bananie
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 18:29:17

    Wow that is one impressive cake. And the food looks delicioussssss to the max! 😀


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