Day 133 : 单眼狗

Joy loves burrowing into my quilt for a nap and occasionally pokes her head out to stick a nose in what I’m doing. Cute as she looks in this photo wrapped up like a springroll, her cataract pains me.

It’s either I live with it or be prepared to part with around S$4,000 for eye surgery (inclusive of pre-surgery health check and evaluation, surgery under general anesthesia, 1 night stay in hospital and post-surgery medications). It’s so expensive. And I’m not sure if surgery will really help or will she make a full recovery as she might just rupture her post-surgical wound and cause complications. That would also mean more treatment costs.

But if left untreated, her cataract may potentially turn into hypercataract which could give her persistent headaches. I’m at a lost for what I should do. I love this old dog but I don’t know what’s best for her 😦


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  1. Jamaine
    Dec 06, 2013 @ 00:41:48

    Hi there, my dog is the same breed as yours too, miniature pinscher. Also suffering from cataract. So how have your dog been doing after the operation? I intend to send my dog for cataract op too.


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