Day 136 : Sick Leave

This leaf suffering from leaf gall looks so icky, a perfect representation of how I’m feeling today with a sore throat and fever.

Leaf galls are very common on certain species of trees and shrubs and can be caused by insects inducing it as a source of food or external womb, or by fungi and bacteria. These ‘pathogens’ infect leaves at their early growth stages and cause the plant to secrete more growth hormones at the affected sites leading to the formation of unsightly bumps, lumps, and blisters as the leaves mature. Looks like leaves aren’t spared the woes of teenage pimples and acnes either.

Although grotesque, the galls don’t affect the overall health of the plant and there are no known cures so an infected leaf has to live with this vegetation elephantiasis for life. Thankfully, I can look forward to full recovery with medications and rest.

Sure sucks to get a life sentence like this leaf.


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