Day 141 : My IKEA Hi-Fives

I am not redecorating, but I still love coming to IKEA. Whether it is the Tampines store or the nearer one at Alexandra, stepping into the blue box is always something of an outing for me. The stores brim with creativity and I usually leave with more ideas than when I first came in. And here are the top five reasons I keep coming back for more…

#1 – The Delicious

IKEA’s fried chicken wings. Need I say more?

There’s a newcomer on the menu… Chicken Salad. Perfect for someone like me who’s trying to bankrupt my carb store.

#2 – The Ingenious

Every time I come to IKEA, there’s bound to be some innovations that make chores at home that much simpler. This visit, I was so amazed by this apple slicer. All we needed to do was centre it on an apple, push down, and voilà!

The apple was evenly sliced with the core isolated all at the same time. How much would you pay for something that turns slicing apples into a fun thing to do? How about S$4.90?!

#3 – The Illuminatus

Without fail, I’ll bring home at least one pack of these Glimma tealight candles every time I’m at IKEA. I use them to light my aromatherapy burner, add atmosphere to my place when friends come over (so that I can turn down the lights to hide my laziness at doing housework), and as a foot rest.

#4 – The Sensuous

I think flowers and houseplants when placed well, have this power to immediately turn any living space into a delight for the senses. I love plant hunting at IKEA because although they are not a nursery, the greens here are well kept and occasionally, they have some exotic species. I’ve bought banana palms, dwarf Indian Rubber Tree, bromeliads, orchids, Bird’s Nest Ferns, Maidenhair Ferns, Jade Plant, and a whole lot of others that I don’t know the name of.

Unfortunately, much as I love plants, I am no Captain Planet and all of them are in plant heaven now.

#5 – The Incredulous

Yes, prices at IKEA usually have me looking twice to confirm that things are really that affordable here. And that’s the biggest draw for me. Good, attractive designs that don’t have me sleeping on the streets after paying for them. Even my mum who is the super penny-pinching type gives her stamp of approval!

Well, these are my reasons to go IKEA even if I’m done renovating my home. What’s yours? 🙂


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