Day 142 : Birthday

I have lost the excitement about my birthday a long time ago and am content to just let the day slip by without any fanfare. I don’t think I’m anything special so I don’t there’s a need to celebrate 21 May. As long as I am healthy, I have my loved ones with me and all is good, every day is already a celebration. As I grow older, I really appreciate the mundane and delight in normalcy. No change is bliss.

While I’m treating my birthday as a non-event, I’m so extremely, extremely touched by the more than 400 well wishes that came in on my Facebook and the presents I’ve been so lavishly given. It’s a warm feeling knowing people bother to celebrate you even when you’ve given up yourself.

I am so very thankful for all the Facebook friends, some of whom I don’t even know, for taking the time to post a birthday greeting on my wall and to Eugene, Siow Har and Juliana for the very thoughtful gifts that are not only heartfelt in what the presents are, but how they were given to me.

My most sincere thanks to everyone for making me feel so special, loved and blessed! 🙂



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