Day 150 : 玉恋



所谓一心不二用,三心却又两意,心泛滥很快就会对周遭的事情失去血色,少了热诚,觉得 jaded。


近期我觉得心有点累,需要操心的事太多太多。要担心的事永远顾虑不完,就让这朵莲提醒自己必须排除 jaded feeling,继续对世界的万千从燃粉红色的狂热!



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  1. spunktitud3
    May 31, 2012 @ 18:08:43

    roots need to go deep below into the gRiddle: What lives when it is dead, and is dead when it is alive?

    How apt that you have used a lotus to symbolise your jaded heart… The lotus is a stunning flower whoseround, where all living things die and are buried in. In order to flower, the lotus takes in that which have died; and the flower must die for its seeds to again fall to the ground to bring new life. The lotus is also frequently used as a symbol for re-birth and enlightenment.

    You are like a lotus – in the full bloom of gloriousness and digging deeper into the meaning of life, and finding out what is really meaningful and important to you. It’s good to question ourselves once in a while to make sure we are making the most of our lives. Once the petals of discontent dies off, the seeds of passion and creativity re-birth and bloom into wonderful floral bursts again.

    You see the lotus struggling to support so many petals, I see a happy face or shape of a heart (rotate 90 anti-clockwise) – I think the lotus’ very happy with what is has been tasked to do in its life.


    (Btw – the riddle came from a Korean drama “Rooftop Prince” I am watching, I am not so “clever” to think that up – or in your case u will say I “boh liao” again lor! LOL)


    • Darren Ng
      Jun 04, 2012 @ 19:06:07

      hwah… u very cheem lah. the lotus pod just reminded me of the so many things i concern my heart with to the point of nonchalance because there’s no further room in it for anything else, or energy for it to have any deeper connection. to me, it symbolises a spreading of self too thinly and in order to support so many things and still be strong, one has to have a ‘rock hard heart’. when the heart is dead, it can go through many things and the many things it has gone through makes it deader. when the heart is alive, it will be too painful for it to go through so much because it hurts to care.


  2. spunktitud3
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 23:00:29

    heh hehh…I’m a literature major mah, so allegory comes as second nature to me. U are anything but dead to me – so full of life! Caring takes effort, but it’s the only way to receive genuine happiness. Don’t stop caring, and know that you have frens who will stand by you no matter what happens. F*** the rest 😉


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