Day 153 : High on Speed

Thirty minutes was all it took to get from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to KL Sentral on the KLIA Ekspres Train, which gave my travel buddy and I enough time to jumpstart the vacation with some cranky shots.

I’ve seen and scoffed how the planking and levitating phenomena almost succeeded in replacing peace signs when posing for photos but never tried them to protest the idiocracy of putting oneself in danger of getting hurt with such exteme voguing. But we decided to give them a try.

So while other travellers were comfortably holed up on their seats anticipating the things they’ll do when being brought to KL’s city centre, we brought the fun onboard with our very first attempts at planking and levitation shots. Having done them, I now understand why they are totally addictive!

I had more planking shots taken with my HTC One X handphone but it was snatched by crooks in KL so I’m only left with these shots on my Casio Exilim ZR200. Thank goodness I took the shots with different cams!

High on speed… by car or bus, the journey from KLIA to the city centre takes around an hour or more if traffic condition is bad. With the KLIA Ekspres, it takes 28 minutes to be exact and costs RM70 (S$28.70) for a return ticket.

I call this ‘plankivating’ – planking that looks like like levitating at the same time! Not for people with fake boobs.



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