Day 155 : KL Butterfly Park

After the snatch-theft yesterday that left me phoneless, my mojo to explore and enjoy Kuala Lumpur got scared into a state of impotence. But I did come on this trip with the sole purpose of visiting the KL Butterfly Park.

So in the hope that communing with these gentle creatures of nature could uplift the spirit, we visited anyway and let the butterflies of Malaysia be my last pleasant memory of Kuala Lumpur. For I doubt I’ll come back again.

This is just a glimpse of the beauties I encountered and will post more photos and details about the park soon in my travel blog, Explore Life Lah!.

A gathering of delicate colourful sails as the butterflies extract moisture from the wet ground.

The park has lots of butterflies from a wide parentage of species. I’m seeing this emerald speckled butterfly for the first time. No idea what’s its name although I tried searching the park for write-ups on it.

Not many dragonflies in the park but caught sight of this one and a few others of the same genus perched on stems. Have to look closely amongst the bushes to see them.

Baby Bull Frogs. Other than free-flying butterflies, there are amphibians and other live insects on display in glassed-up tanks.

I have a feeling I’m walking around in a seafood restaurant with tanks after tanks of fish, crabs, turtles and frogs.

I’m glad I didn’t get thwarted from coming here. Although the park looked in much need of a manicure to its vegetation, the abundance of these jewelled kites from a wide selection of species made a visit here rather rewarding. Only grouse is that the park practise preferential pricing for its entrance fees. Foreigners are charged RM20 while Malaysians pay RM10 (I think).

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