Day 163 : Clear and Brilliant Treatment Session 2

Fighting the signs of aging has found a new ally in the form of FDA-approved, European Conformity (CE Mark) recognised Clear + Brilliant factional laser treatment. I had my first Clear + Brilliant treatment about 2 weeks ago and am back to EHA Clinic today for session 2.

For best results, it is recommended that the first 3-4 treatments be done 2 weeks apart. Subsequently, a treatment session once every week is all it takes to maintain younger looking skin from the inside out. After the first treatment, I felt that my complexion felt more supple to the touch and lighter in colour. So I’m anticipating the further improvements this second session will do for me!

EHA Clinic has relocated to Shaw Centre, #15-01, since 11 June 2012. I’m one of the first ‘patients’ here for treatments! The clinic’s new, rather obscured home amongst offices provides privacy for clients who prefer discretion.

Reception area of the new clinic at Shaw Centre.

Other than facial treatments, EHA Clinic provides slimming treatments as well. I call this room The Deep Freezer. It is not because it is cold, but the fat-busting treatment housed here – CoolSculpting. The procedure deep freezes fat cells so that they can be metabolised and passed out of the body. Pretty amazing! Hope I’ll get to experience it to get rid of the stubborn lovehandles and lower belly fat that persist no matter how many thousands f sit-ups and crunches I do.

The new EHA Clinic has ample private facial treatment rooms.

I call this room The Laser Chamber because this is where the laser powerhouses are waiting to reveal the YOU in YOUth.

Safety googles for more aggressive laser treatments. Clear + Brilliant is gentler and is flexible enough to be used as a standalone treatment or as a complement to other treatments.

Here is the star – the Clear + Brilliant machine! I expected it to be a monstrous piece of machinery but it turned out to be a compact capsule goosenecked to the laser nozzle.

The laser nozzle is capped with this sterile personal tip that is discarded after each use. It is not shared between clients to eliminate contamination and infection.

Acting cute (?) while waiting for the numbing cream applied on my skin to take effect. One of the nurses tried Clear + Brilliant without the superficial numbing and she ended up ‘dancing’ on the treatment bed. So I decided not to be gungho and 乖乖 wait the 30 minutes it takes for the cream to have effect.

Under the good hands of Dr Elias Tam. He made sure every part of my face was covered and patiently gave extra attention to parts of my complexion showing more signs of sun damage. I think that’s literally my whole face since I was a teenage beach eel.

The Clear + Brilliant treatment was completed in about 15 minutes and it didn’t feel as comfortable as the first time although Dr Tam increased the laser’s strength. After being kissed by the red beam, a layer of antispetic cream was applied (the white stuff on my face).

The wonderful thing about the Clear + Brilliant treatment is that there is no down time. My face was a little red immediately following the treatment but it faded the next day.

Now that my skin cells have been woken up and activated to start regenerating itself to behave younger, let’s wait and see how my complexion will go from my current clear, to bright, to brilliant in the fortnight leading to my third treatment session. Stay tuned for the results!


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