Day 168 : Cook-Out

Instead of “eating out”, I always treat steamboat dinners as a “cook-out”. We didn’t plan to celebrate Father’s Day but since I’m home on weekends most of the time, we decided to have a family meal. I suggested this new PRC restaurant that served authentic Chinese cuisine as well as a hotpot buffet because I passed by it earlier in the week while helping an old lady locate SNEC’s Balestier Clinic.

Steamboat buffets have always been my gastronomic kryptonite and I’m glad we found this place near home to satisfy my craving. The restaurant is open from 5pm – 5am! So anytime I feel like a late-night cook-out session, I just need to take a 10-minute walk. And the best part is, the soups are gorgeous!

We ordered the tom yam and herbal soup bases and they tasted really good! My love for steamboats had me cooking all over town and I must say this counts amongst one of the best. I’m getting hungry from writing this post and recalling the steaming, delicious hot soup! Furthermore, the ingredients for going into the pot were fresh and replenishment was prompt. At S$19.80 per adult for an all-you-can-eat, this place is good-value-for-money if one looks past the sparse decor.

Can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it’s along Balestier Road, opposite the once-famous Loy Kee Chicken Rice shop. I look forward to going back and trying other soups.


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