Day 171 : Don’t Mind Me

Another day at work to find brand new ways to squeeze more brain juices to keep clients satisfied and happy. And back in the office, more juicing of the brain is needed to please colleagues so that things can get done happily.

Having been an Executive Producer for 6 months now, I think before planning or management can have any real benefit, it is more important to be able to anticipate the requirements and challenges of every project. When we can foretell what is going to happen, we will know what to plan for and surprises, there will definitely be surprises, can be effectively tackled.

Being a prophet at work takes experience. But the process of becoming experienced can be a total bitch at times. I guess it is knowing if this is the industry or kind of experience one wants to amass in order to pull through. When our direction and goal is clear, the bumps along the way ceases to become decapitating problems.

But the basic problem is, do we know what we want? I still don’t yet know. Perhaps that’s better. Because when we know what we want but have no means of getting it, every day at work is going to be an even bigger pain in the ass!


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