Day 182 : Asiatique

Bangkok’s status as a shopping paradise got a mega uplift recently with the opening of a new retail haven, Asiatique. Curious what differentiation Asiatique can offer after the uber creative Terminal 21, I popped by for a browse.

Although the irrepressible spirit of Thai creativity continues to be evident at Asiatique, I wasn’t too impressed with the character of this godown-turned-shopping enclave. On a reductionist term, it resembles a more organised, cleaner version of the Jatuchak Weekend Market, or Mahboonkrong (MBK) Center without air conditioning.  Will share more about the place in Explore Life Lah!.

Before Asiatique, I went to MBK Centre and saw this huge pooch slumped at the entrance of National Stadium BTS Station. It looked adorable but a tinge of sadness seemed to surround it.

It didn’t move at all even though many people walked past it and took photos of it. I wonder if it was in eternal slumber.


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