Day 198 : Even the Sky is Blue on a Monday

Having a major case of the Monday blues because responsibilities at work are just beyond my pay scale. When I was given the opportunity to be an Executive Producer (EPR) at the beginning of the year, I was told it’s a six months probation. Which meant that by the end of June, I would know if I passed, or failed. We are into the second week of July and still no news of whether I made the cut although I am slated to be EPR for upcoming projects.

Apart from adjustments in renumeration, knowing if I fit the role or not would provide a more concrete direction of where I should be heading. No point barking up the wrong tree just because someone needs a barker. I admit I don’t have a clear idea where I am heading career-wise so I sure don’t need to be confused further.

I woke up earlier than usual at the start of this week and took a stroll downstairs, walking past this iconic dragon statue at my estate. It has recently gone through refurbishment although I felt that filling the dried-up fountain basin that the sculpture is part of with plants didn’t up the appeal ante. The dragon also looked shorter compared to the commanding height it possessed pre-restoration. I don’t feel there was much improvement.

When I looked at the dragon adorned with pieces of 剪粘 (jian nian) porcelain shards, an identification coursed through me. The dragon seemed in flight but it is rooted to the ground. Sometimes we can fly but we are held captive for whatever reasons manmade or self-imposed. We desire the sun, but can only deceive ourselves that we own it.


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