Day 202 : Clear and Brilliant Treatment Session 3

Postponed my third Clear + Brilliant treatment a couple of times due to work and finally fulfilled the appointment today.  After the last two sessions, I can see that my complexion is growing visibly clearer and the open pores on my nose look less obvious. Sweet!

With a few more sessions, I may look under the legal age to consume alcohol soon.

My Benjamin Button process takes place at EHA Clinic by Dr Elias Tam. The clinic is located at Shaw Centre, #15-01. Call 6235 3325 for consultations and appointments.

Dr Tam’s certificates and merits are only overtaken by his friendliness and disarming demeanour. His open approach to letting me in on the science behind Clear + Brilliant and other aesthetic procedures have been enlightening and fascinating.

A waiting cum make-up room for female clients who want to freshen themselves after treatment before going back to office or shopping. Great innovations in aesthetic medicine have enabled fast-food style beauty with little or no down time.

Preparing for my treatment with nurse Vicki applying a layer of numbing cream on my face. More than just pretty, the nurses at EHA are very considerate and intuitive to client’s needs. After she applied the cream for me, she offered to put on a blanket for me in case I get cold while waiting the 30 minutes for the cream to take effect. She even dimmed the light so that I can sleep but when she saw I had a camwhore moment, she immediately turned the light back on before switching it down after I’m done.

Hello my skin’s best friend! Clear+Brilliant ultilises nonablative laser frequency to penetrate deeper into the skin’s basal layer to reawaken the ability of mature cells to manufacture collagen, thereby removing fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging the skin to behave younger.

Today’s treatment was much shorter than the previous sessions. Over the course of the treatments, Dr Tam had gradually increased the laser strength of Clear+Brilliant from low, medium to high. Don’t I look like Guang Gong? LOL. After treatment, my face was red for the night but it returned to normal the next day in time for me to attend Singapore Blog Awards 2012.

After any form of aesthetic treatment, sun protection is a must to block out UV radiation during the skin’s healing phase where it is hyper-sensitive and more vulnerable to sun damage.

At the end of the session, Dr Tam introduced his new sunscreen to me which uses a more advanced formula of titanium dioxide that has the ability to switch on and off when exposed to the sun. Sounds interesting. But how does it work?

All sunblocks come with a SPF factor which basically determines how long one you can stay under the sun after one application. A SPF15 sunscreen means you can stay under the sun 15 times longer than if you are not wearing one before sun damage sets in. A unit of SPF roughly translates to 20 minutes, so SPF15 means a protection of 15 X 20mins = 5 hours. The higher the SPF number doesn’t mean a sunscreen is stronger but that it provides longer protection.

With EHA’s Sun Shield 24hr, the formulation allows the protection to be turned on when it detects sun exposure and turns off under shade. And when sun exposure is detected again, it comes back on with a reset of the protection duration thereby providing an all-day shield. That’s kinda cool! So I parted with S$94.00 for a 30ml bottle of it.

Other than Sun Shield 24hr, I’ve also purchased a topical antiseptic lotion (S$22) to be applied after treatment to eradicate any possible infection and a serum containing hyaluronic acid (S$85 for 20 vials) for an extra boost in skin hydration as laser treatments tend to be drying. Well, beauty may not be just skin deep, but it sure requires a deep wallet!

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. baglady
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 02:10:06

    Hello, thank you foryour blog. I was wondering what were your results after three sessions. Did you notice an imrpovement of pore size and sin texture? and what about fine lines, such as expression lines? Is you skin smoother? thank you so much fr your blog and your reply!


    • Darren Ng
      Oct 31, 2013 @ 09:25:05

      hi… thank you for dropping by my blog. I noticed that my complexion was noticeably smoother and skin tone was more even after 3 sessions. the pore size on the tip of my nose also seemed to have shrunk a little and my skin felt firmer. however, results vary for every individual so the treatments may work quickly for some and take longer for others.


  2. A
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 21:02:37

    How much does the clear and brilliant cost? thanks!


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