Day 212 : Light is the Absence of Shadows

When I passed by this half-opened window, with the setting sun casting a shadow of a stairway against the wall while illuminating the reflective window panes, I was immmediately attracted by the rare occurence where light was both let in, and kept out at the same time. If I came back a few minutes later, the stairway’s shadow would not be in the middle of the window frame.

In every relationship, the light that a person or situation we come into contact with will cast shadows as well as light that make us reflect upon ourselves. Whether it is the impression of darkness or the brilliance of light, we must be able to recognise the shadows of our past patterns and face the demons of uniformity that governs us.

Life is shifting and fleeting. Will I be able to make the best out of every evolving window of opportunity? Or let the shadows eventually take over?


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