Day 224 : Which Way To Go?

I find death both dismissive and obsessive, a consolation and a motivation. Everything shall pass. In death, everything in our mental, physical and emotional realm will cease. Whether we’re ready or prepared for it or not, regardless of our fear and anxiety about its arrival, one thing’s for sure… Life, will one day end. Sometimes swiftly and accidentally, most times slowly and agonisingly.

So what happens when we had our last breath? Is there reincarnation or a an eternal sentence of heaven or hell?

Death produces a hole that we fill with religion. The belief in an afterlife is most famously propagated by the Egyptians where mummification is a means of preparing the deceased for a rebirth here on earth. Thousands of years have passed. Has any of the mummified bodies resume life as it was intended outside of the inquisitive scrutiny of archaeology?

Since the old dead doesn’t become the new living, I wondered if reincarnation was the answer. So I reviewed claims and evidence of reincarnation, limited as my search and understanding may be, I found a common thread amongst people who claimed awareness of a previous life. Their knowledge of what they were before seem to have little impact on their ability now to ‘save’ the world. So what’s the value of someone knowing what they were in a previous life or lifetimes?

Perhaps then, the onus of a single God may provide the answer. If you live by the laws and accept the transfiguration of grace, one is saved from the damnation of hell. But biblical history and recent archaelogical discoveries have exposed the divine as merely the decisions of those humans who were placed in charge. They decide what goes in, or out of the holy scriptures under the derivative of God which no one can verify.

I am Christian, regretfully a questioning one of authencity. I study the philosophy of Buddhism and Taoism while trying to decipher the logic of Islam, Kabbalah, and Hinduism.

Is the world suffering from a pollution of religions? I yearn for an absolute revelation.


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  1. Scot
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 07:26:02

    Ii too am frustrated by “authority” in religion — however, this is good motivation to study as it quickly becomes fairly clear that decisions are the individual’s. We should not let others digest the information for us as this always seems to lead to a more extreme and narrower view in all religions. Check out the lost text of Thomas.


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