Day 229 : A Bad Sign During Ghost Month

7th Month, Seventh Month, Ghost Month, Pedestrians Crossing Sign, Singapore

The sight of these tents mushrooming all over Singapore signals the arrival of the Lunar Seventh Month, a.k.a. Ghost Month and Hungry Ghost Festival. I used to like this period when I was growing up because the whole island seemed to come alive with flashy getais and noisy biddings at these tented outdoor dinners. It was kinda entertaining watching the open-air performances or just listening to a bid-announcer going off-key or loosing his voice from all that shouting.

This afternoon, as I was wandering Jalan Besar after lunch, I came across this tent that has been set up in anticipation of the month-long festival which starts tomorrow. The ‘Pedestrian Use Crossing’ sign immediately caught my eye. Its position in the middle of the bidding stage looked comical.

Was this a case of the best solution out of a no-space situation or the latest art-installation-advertisement by the Traffic Police? LOL.

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