Day 231 : Hello Taiwan!

Taoyuan Airport Terminal 2, 桃园机场, 台北

Thanks to an invitation by the Penghu prefecture of the Taiwan Tourism Board(交通部观光局澎湖风景区), I am on my way to explore the famous Alishan as well as the unspoilt island beauty of Penghu from today till 26 Aug 2012!

Together with 4 other bloggers from the region (Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Kaoshiung), we will journey deep into the mountains and across the ocean to suckle the green thumb of Taiwan and experience the spellbinding allure of these geo-ecological and cultural gems.

I hope I will be able to capture the full flavour of this trip on photos and videos to share here and on Explore Life Lah! where detailed info about the attractions and travel tips will be painstakingly documented.

A new world of adventures in Taiwan awaits… 🙂

Taoyuan Airport

Took the 7:20am flight from Singapore to Taipei and arrived at 12:10pm but had to wait for our Malaysian blogger friends who will be arriving from Beijing.

Taoyuan HSR Station

Hui Min and her husband, Boon Ho, arrived at about 7pm. After waiting for half a day, I was so glad to see them! They are such a nice and lovely couple. Finally, our Taiwan escapade begins with a ride from Taoyuan High Speed Rail (HSR) to Chiayi, the home of Alishan. Woohoo!


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