Day 233 : In the Mood for Wood

Alishan, 阿里山

Earlier this year in February, Alishan welcomed me for the first time with the blush of early spring where the rogue of cherry blossoms awakening from a wintry slumber coloured the highland terrains.

Slightly over six months later, I’m back again and this time, an air of mystery hung thick as playful autumn fog veiled the mountain’s beauty while dissipitating at times for a game of peek-a-boo with the scenery.

阿里山, Alishan


Wet, wet, wet… Even in the rain, Alishan remains generous with its good looks.

Rainfall was plentiful during my 2D1N stay due to the approaching Typhoon Tembin. Coming from a tiny island devoid of any natural disaster, I was actually kinda excited about the prospect of experiencing a typhoon.

Thankfully though, it didn’t happen and I got to observe first-hand how closely the Taiwanese watch their weather, something we Singaporeans take for granted.

Alishan, Long Yun Ju, 龙云居

Stayed at 龙云居 (Long Yun Ju, which translates as home of the dragon clouds), a cosy mountainside hotel with the toothed spine of Alishan at its doorstep and towering woods as its backyard.

The typhoon alert and unpredictable precipitation dampened this visit a little but the sense of danger heightened the adventure as we tried to stay one step ahead of the weather.

But it is still very safe as the roads of Alishan would be closed off and not passable to traffic if bad weather is anticipated to ensure the safety of tourists and locals.

Highland weather can be very unpredictable. Although it was rainy the previous day, the sun was out the next.

During this visit, we were brought to the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area which I came to as well during my last trip. The difference this time round was that we were in the company of a tour guide brimming with geological, botanical and cultural knowledge of the mountain and sights.

I learnt nothing about Alishan the last trip but brought home a deeper appreciation this time round. A good guide really made a big difference.

Alishan, 阿里山

Under the canopy of wild cypresses, I watched the ancient race of these tress towards the sky.

Alishan, Heart Tree, 阿里山, 阿里山神木, Alishan National Forest Recreation Area

This tree forming the shape of a heart is just one of the many atonishing living sculptures crafted by nature. It will be so special to get one’s wedding portraits taken here.

One of the main highlights on this trip was a visit to the Tsou tribe’s cultural village. The very well-kept theme park invites visitors into the lives of the tribespeople and get under the skin of their folklores and history as well as to feel the pulse of their tribal heartbeat.

Seeing Alishan through their eyes takes one into another realm of relishing this green majesty!

Alishan, Yuyupas Village, 阿里山, 邹族文化部落, 优游吧斯

The Tsou people have a greeting pronounced as “YuYuPas”, and it is adopted as a name for the theme park as well. Will share what it means in my travel blog Explore Life Lah!.

A Tsou warrior exploding with vigour as he performed an ancestral battle dance.

Alishan, Yuyupas

I have in my hands, the source of the warrior’s gallantry! Muahahahaha… got to try the Warrior’s Bento at the cultural village.

We are travel tribe 我们是旅游族! From left to right : Diego, Kitty, Xiao Yu, Xiao Zhu, Boon Ho, Yuca, Shu Juan, Haruka, and Sharmaine.

More info and details about visiting Alishan and YuYuPas Cultural Village will be posted soon in Explore Life Lah!.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Scot
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 03:42:47

    Looking forward to more pictures… as usual you make it all look inviting, beautiful and delicious!


  2. pohyoke
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 20:52:56

    Wow its really nice photos. U must hv a fruitful & memoruise trip


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