Day 239 : See You Again, Taiwan!

From the smoky mountains of Alishan in Chiayi to the Southwestern fishing coast of Taiwan to the picturesque isles of Penghu, it has been an awesome 9 days of basking in the nation’s abundance of natural wonders and beauty. This experience wouldn’t have been possible if not for the hardworking team at Bysan Marketing Ltd (百昇传播事业有限公司) and Yusan Guide Public Relations Consultant Ltd (羽晟加得公关顾问有限公司).

Due to the unexpected turmoil caused by Typhoon Tembin, our original itinerary went through a few rounds of changes with some parts being fixed while on the go. After an exhausting day of sightseeing, the team had meetings late into the night to ensure things ran smoothly the next day. But above their professionalism under the pressure of a foreboding natural disaster, they kept their cool and remained unfazed while  ensuring that we are well taken care of and having a good time.

The people behind Bysan and Yusan. They are like an extended family in my wanderings of the world. I’m am very grateful for their hospitality and really touched by their friendliness.

What I really enjoyed was their enthusiasm in the activities. It felt like they were enjoying themselves and invited me to join the party. It didn’t feel like they were working and that dissolved the barrier of us being invited blogger guests and they being our nannies. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel with Bysan and Yusan and some of the top bloggers in the region and becoming friends over the nine days. I was in the company of giants!

Heart you peeps! Thanks for a lovely time and adding your bit of personality to make this trip so memorable for me.

The full length of the hosted trip was 10D9N but I couldn’t get more unpaid leave so I had to depart today with Haruka while the rest stayed one more night at Penghu. Damn. I need a job with more leave days! LOL. As we’re all in different parts of the world, hopefully we’ll get to catch up again.

My heartfelt apprecaition also goes out to the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration (雲嘉南滨海国家风景区管理处), Penghu National Scenic Area Administration (澎湖国家风景区管理处), the hoteliers, shopowners, sponsors, tour guides, drivers and service staff who made this blog-cation such a bliss and for expanding my mind. Thanks for showing me what Taiwan is all about on a personal level. Many thanks for a great experience!

Boarding Uni Air from Penghu to Taipei Song Shan Airport. 还真舍不得离开…

Leaving the vast greenery of Alishan and relaxing island life of Penghu behind, I rejoined urbanisation. With time to spare, I decided to explore whatever slice of Taipei time permitted before heading home. I wanted to go to Ximen which I visited the last time but decided to check out something new instead.

I didn’t plan or research the excursion or know I’m in for. I just got off at the Taipei Main Train Station and walked around. And here’s what I found…

Taipei Main Train Station is colossal! I walked for about 15 minutes before getting out of the massive central station.

Advertisement street opposite the Taipei Main Station.

This unusual portrait of a smiling Jesus brought a smile to my face. I’ve not seen Jesus depicted without his long-suffering expression.

I was very hungry upon arrival at Song Shan Airport but I held on and searched for my last authentic taste of Taiwan before going back. I found it at a shop along Gong Yuan Road opposite the station selling Taiwan’s definite mee sua with oysters and pork intestines. Yums!

Futher down Gong Yuan Road is the National Taiwan Museum. due to time constrain, I didn’t check out the interior.

Around the museum is the 228 Peace Park (二二八和平纪念公园). A very delightful accidental discovery.

Apart from a conglomerate of fountains featuring different architectural styles, the park houses some rather unusual wildlife.

After baking under the Taipei summer heat at 228 Peace Park, I stink till cows also don’t wanna come home. So I dropped by the Smell Library, a boutique perfumery retailer at the underground mall of Taipei Main Train Station to freshen myself. So cheapo hor? Got a gift here too and the perfumes definitely don’t come cheap!

Goodbye Taiwan! A last photo with a gong zai (公仔) in traditional religious embroidery. Here’s wishing one and all auspiciousness in every undertaking! Gosh… my eyes are all red from being sad to leave. Haha…

My initiation to Taiwan as a travel destination only started this year and even though I ‘ve been here twice, I felt there’s still so much more to see, do and feel. It has just become one of my favourite places to come to for a vacation. Think I’ll plan a trip here again next year 🙂

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  1. 蘇小暟
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 11:02:38

    歡迎你再來台灣喔~~~我再帶你去屏東東港~~大鵬灣 墾丁度假~~~^^


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