Day 245 : Pets to the Vet

Perhaps it’s the haze, Rainbow’s left eye turned red and sore. That poor dear can’t even open it when she tilts her snout up to look at me. She seems to be developing cataract in that eye too while her right one showed signs of cherrying up. God, why? First it was Joy, now Rainbow… why do You delight in giving me gifts with quick expiry dates?

Since I took Rainbow to the vet, I brought Joy along to have her chronic skin condition looked at as well as her toxic breath. We’d seek treatments previously but their effects were short-lived and after a while, we grew complacent.

But as we went to a new vet, Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre, I thought I’d seek a different advice and see if Joy can get better. The total bill came up to S$318. My eyes almost dropped out of their sockets. Now I need a doctor for my wallet.


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