Day 264 : Weak But Not Defeated

Hang in there, Darren. Break those habits and free yourself from them who are holding your health and mind hostage. Sometimes it is better to believe when not believing is causing more misery and pain.

Surrender yourself to God. Not as a sign of weakness but of taking back control of your life. Pass your battles to Him and let His wisdom guide you. Re-awaken the joy that comes through faith.


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  1. spunktitud3
    Sep 24, 2012 @ 11:10:02

    Matthew 18:20 – “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Talk to your someone you trust, it’s always easier when someone’s there with you just to hold your hand. Even talking to your dogs help (I would recommend the more sedate Joy over cannot-sit-still Rainbow), you need an outlet, don’t well it all inside for a volcano waiting to erupt. God made lots of humans so that we can be support for each other, and we fall into each other’s lives for a reason.

    Make time to pray before you sleep? I black out all the lights in my room and it helps to set my mind to a blank. Imagine God by your side and have an intimate pillowtalk (just dun start throwing pillow at Him yar), and visualise all the goodness He has planned for you. It’s there, you just need to have faith and persevere on. Seriously, don’t think too much. Things will fall into place…piece by piece. I took four years to get my pieces together. And it’s worth it.


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