Day 267 : My Corner of the World

My heartland.

Since I started the one-photo-a-day project at the beginning of this year, I’ve been trying to find new eyes to view and shoot my flat as well as looking out for subject matter/s in the neighbourhood to frame as my shot for the day.

I used to think that there’s nothing to photograph at and around HDB estate but once I began to look, there is actually quite a lot of beauty waiting to be discovered.

I’ve stayed here for 12 years and passed by this stairwell where I this shot was taken countless times but for the first time today, I saw this angle which I thought was interesting.

The corner of the stairwell shelter and all the surrounding flats seem to have a relationship with each other. I could almost hear them having a conversation with the shelter asking “Hey blockheads, are you seeing the spicy panty hanging out to dry?” 🙂


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