Day 269 : To the Camera Hospital

Bought my Nikon D90 in Dec 2008 and it has been my heavy eye that remembers many precious moments for me. Recently, it got sick. Brought it on my Taiwan trip last month and the colours were totally off. It’s like getting the Lomo / Holga effect all the time. It was kinda nice and interesting at first and I thought the problem was with my White Balance and colour settings but after checking everything time and again, the colours I got from my old pal was too nostalgia (read : saturated) for my liking.

So I brought it to the Nikon Service Centre at Fuji Xerox building (#10-01/02) to have it looked at and was told that the aperture mechanism was faulty. Fixing it up cost me S$207. Eye surgery even for a camera is so expensive.

I was served by this really great staff, Michelle Soh, who was very pleasant and helped got a technician to run a pre-diagnostic test before confirming that there was indeed a problem with the cam body. And so I bidded my buddy farewell after almost 4 years and entrusted it to the service centre for a 3-week repair work.

I hope the surgery will make it good as new. Provided that the technician don’t faint from the stench of my camera strap.


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