Day 275 : 触境伤情

Albert Court Village Hotel

今天走路时有一点不小心,走到了 Albert Court Village Hotel (雅柏酒店),勾起了一股浪漫的心酸。三年前,我曾与一位本以为可以长相厮守的人住过此酒店,度过了一个浪漫的周末。但这份感情很快就夭折,十个月后便完蛋,被对方以 SMS 的方式摔了。


因为午饭时间到 Sim Lim Square 买 hard disk,在回公司的途中不自觉的走过这里,时间也突然回到当时入住的快乐心情和情况。我被那突来的感触愣住了脚步,想起了那个人,不知道那个瓜至今别来无恙吗?

今年手机在吉隆坡被抢,丢失了所有的联络号码。因为没有 back-up 联络档案,今年就没办法再寄问候了,也可能从此与这个人永远失去联络。

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  1. Cat
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 21:28:11

    I found your blog lately through reading about Taiwan. I’m really amazed that you can write so well both in English and Mandarin. Love your photography and how you express your feelings so well in both blogs. I also enjoyed detailed documentation of your travels too which helped somewhat. (at least I knew abt how the buses operate over there and would avoid them if I can. Don’t think my child can stand the ‘fighting for places’).
    Continue to stay positive. It’s good to hold onto past experiences but it’s also great if you decide to go and make a new one. Meet more people, connect more…I’m sure you will meet someone who’s the right person for you. Then, you might say, thank God I let go!
    I have someone in my family who was unattached till he was almost 38. We thought he would never meet someone! Then, through some introductions, he met someone. Then, he got married and now he has two kids at age 42. So life is never predictable.


    • Darren Ng
      Oct 08, 2012 @ 00:58:22

      hi cat… thanks for visiting my blogs and your kind words. there’re still lots of room for improvements and i hope to get better at the languages and photography skill.

      i guess it’s never too late for love to find us so long as we remain hopeful. thanks for the consolation 🙂


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