Day 288 : Dinnpper

Juliana needed test rats for her culinary experiments and so my kitchen became her laboratory for the day as she served up a fruity brown rice, sticky sauced snow fish, drunken prawns (done with Bek Se Ju), beef-dunno-what, and Korean style fried leek with kimchi.

I’m writing this post so obviously her Frankenstein menu didn’t kill me. The dinner-supper was meant for 2, but it grew to 3 and God must’ve known we needed a fourth to finish the food and sent Anis our way. I was amazed by how the mouths just appeared to help finish up the volume of food. Juliana is known for her generosity and excesses in all her indulgence. The food was good, so it’s not that we needed more appetites to chow down, but the portions were simply too much.

The meal was also thoughtfully made with considerations given to my palate’s fancy and for that, I’m very grateful although I balk whenever friends show me too much favour. It’s nice to catch up with friends over a homecooked meal and some wine once in a while 🙂

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  1. spunktitud3
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 10:00:13

    It’s Tropical Fruits Brown Rice (logan, jackfruit and grapes), honey cod fish, beef bulgogi with lettuce, Drunken Bek Se Ju Prawns with Essence of Chicken and Leek fried with kimchi. I think your mum’s soup tasted the best 😀 I had fun being Missus Chef for a day!


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