Day 292 : Blue Mountains Day Trip

Booked myself on a day trip and it brought me to Featherdale Wildlife Park, Blue Mountains, and Jenolan Caves. Total cost of the outing was A$39.50 (transport) + A$106.50 (entrance fees + lunch + other charges).

But it was worth it. My favourite was getting upclose with koalas and wallabies and feeding them. They are just SO FREAKING CUTE!

Blue Mountains was a little disappointing though, but Jenolan Caves was fascinating. The trip was, as with all guided tours, very rush but the real downer was the 3-hour minibus ride back into the city without any toilet breaks. My bladder was ready to burst by the second hour. Such a torture!

The day trip last from 8am – 7pm. It can be booked through one of the many tour agencies at Sydney’s Chinatown, which is near Central Railway Station.

So tempted to grab one home as a pet! The smaller species of kangeroo like the ones in this photo is known as wallaby.

Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales

Grey and greedy.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Red-coated wallaby that reminded of a very big rat.

Featherdale Wildlife Park has a collection of native reptiles on display. Look! This thorny lizard has made friends with a Carpet Python.

Blue Mountains, Three Sisters, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales

Blue Mountains is one of the major attractions in Sydney but I found it to be kind of a whole lot of nothing. We only got to see The Three Sisters from the Katoomba Echo Point’s vantage and took a series of short Cableway, Railway and walking tours.

Blue Mountains, Three Sisters, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales

Taking the Railway up a steep ascend which provided quite some thrills as rocks and vegetatian rush past on both sides and overhead.

Blue Mountains, Three Sisters, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales

Sculptures depicting the locale’s aboriginal tribe at play can be found at the main entrance to Blue Mountains’ visitor centre.

Blue Mountains, Three Sisters, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales

I think it would be best to explore the nakedness of Blue Mountains on a self-drive trip.

After lunch, we took another hour’s ride to arrive at Jenolan Caves. Saw this beautiful lizard sunning itself on the rocks and was absolutely thrilled by the possibly of a close encounter with wildlife.

Jenolan Caves consists of a series of magnificent limestone cave systems that are the oldest open caves in the world.

A gallery of cascading stalactites and curious stalagmites stand as the souvenirs of time.

Weaving like the laced tussles of a flamenco dancer’s skirt, this collection of stalactites overhead in one of the cave chambers is simply captivating!

My favourite speleothem formation is this striking cloth-like stalactite affectionately referred to as the “Guide’s Hankerchief”.


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  1. spunktitud3
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 08:27:08

    Why are you grabbing the poor koala’s ass?! She looks really tiny….or izzit you who is too hunky? 😉


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