Day 294 : Coast to Coast Sydney

It’s the weekend and a gorgeous one that would lure any turtle out of its shell for a suntan. I had the good fortune of my friends’ company and not only did they play chauffeur for the day, they put the play in the day.

Our excursion started with dim sum brunch at Sydney Fish Market followed by a drive to La Perouse then Watsons Bay and a peek-a-boo of a nudist beach. The coastlines around Sydney are just so fascinating!

View of Anzac Bridge from Sydney Fish Market. It is a bridge to mark the bilateral relations between Australia and New Zealand.

Year 2000 photo taken at Sydney Fish Market’s outdoor dining area.

Crabsolutely mouth-watering seafood at the Fish Market. The lobsters looked like they belonged in my stomach but didn’t get a chance to feed on them this trip. Maybe the next time.

Playing with food in 2000.

Pano view of La Perouse with a 19th century customs tower on the left.

Bridge linking mainland to Bare Island Fort, Botany Bay.

Watsons Bay.

Plunging cliffs and crashing waves… simply masjestic!

There’s a nudist beach called Lady Jane Beach on Watsons Bay and we took a hike to have a look. Along the way, we encountered this tree stump shaped like a person’s behind. Oooh… it feels so firm! LOL

That’s the small patch of secluded beach popular with nudists and gawking tourists.

Did some voyeurism of our own and wow… this guy caught a huge sea cucumber between his legs!

Checking out Lady Jane Beach in 2000. Being Singaporean, of course I don’t have the balls to go nude. That was then. But now, well, I think not having a tanline is kinda hot.

Catching the sunset at Camp Cove is awesome.

If I were to migrate to Sydney, the city’s seafronts would be one of my key reasons to settle here. I’m so in love with the easily accessible beaches and the open culture. Time to start finding out what it takes to stay longer down under!


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