Day 295 : Rocking the Sydney Arts Scene

Following yesterday’s tantalising time of sea coast hopping, today was a somewhat cultural experience of Sydney with a leisurely browse through the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rocks weekend market and stroll to Pylon Lookout for an elevated appreciation of Circular Quay. It’s wonderful that there are so many things to see within close walking distance.

The Museum of Contemporary Art had me kinda scratching my head because it felt more art gallery, not so much museum. Then again, I wasn’t sure what to expect since ‘contemporary’ defies definition and seems a very inclusive concept. I think trying to historicised the contemporary movement in art like a museum would is an abstract artform in itself.

When it’s the weekends, one of the not-to-be-missed outing would be to visit The Rocks and its weekend market brimming with creativity. This is definitely the place to hunt for some unusual gifts, but be prepared to thin the wallet or lighten that purse.

Passing through The Rocks weekend market, the next natural path to follow would be that which leads to Pylon Lookout. Guarding the passage across Sydney Bridge, the two watch towers offer an aerial view of the surrounding area but I think only one of them grants public access at a fee of A$15.00.

I didn’t go on the Pylon lookout because the weather was very grey today and I didn’t want to spend money to go up for washout shots. Even without ascending the heights of Pylong Lookout, Sydney Bridge offered a sweeping vantage of Circular Quay.

We ended our day pretty early and I got time to head for a jog near my friends’ place (where I have been graciously allowed to stay) before dinner. They directed me to run around Victoria Park and I was pleasantly delighted to learn that the University of Sydney is within the park grounds.

I wanted to jog to burn those mega doses of Australian carbs I’ve been enjoying. But it ended up as a photography session with my phone cam instead. I should just ditch all imaging gadgets at home the next time I go jogging.

From afar, I saw this imposing castle-like building that looked like a fantasy came to life.

I thought it’s some exclusive country club but it turned out to be the campus of the University of Sydney!

Passing through the tunnel of time.

It’s Hogwarts! So very Harry Porter-ish.

Modern wing of the uni.

A rich velvety crimson sunset wrapped up the day. It’s unusual to be jogging while on vacation, but it made me feel so much more a part of this amazing Australian city. Totally loving every moment here!


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