Day 296 : Art Making Waves at Bondi Beach

Sun, sea, sand, and… goose pimples. The ball of lava in the sky may be turned on, but the nautical fan at Bondi Beach was switched on at full blast, bringing on a cold front that made my skeleton wish it wasn’t in my body. Chilled to the bones and fingers starting to feel like they didn’t belong to me had me missing the honesty of Singapore’s weather. When the sun is out, it is hot.

I came to the beach today because I visited 12 years ago and wanted to come back again to refresh my memory. As winter hasn’t retired entirely and it was a Monday, the beach was practically deserted.

My main objective was to bum by the beach but since it was too cold to lose even a strand of hair, I decided to focus on my second purpose of coming here… and that’s to check out the 16th annual outdoor coastal art exhibition, Sculpture by the Sea. The exhibition runs from 18 Oct – 4 Nov 2012.

Energetic aquamarine waves put up quite a show, such a pity that the beach had no audience for the lively waters.

Photo of Bondi Beach taken in year 2000. The sand was tan perfect but the seawater almost turned me into a popsicle.

Play time in 2000. Too bad I didn’t get to swim in the sea this time round.

All wrapped up like a chunky mango in 2012. The thin windbreaker, berms and slippers were a terrible choice as my fingers and toes were numbed to the point that I felt I couldn’t snap any more photos or walk any further after about an hour capturing the works of Sculpture by the Sea.

Sculpture : Ghost Net Corcodile.

Sculptures : Dream Stone (front), Mirador (right, back).

Sculpture : Stationary Shape.

Sculpture : Upside Down Again.

Sculpture : Sea Nest.

Sculpture : Gregarious.

Sculpture : I Am So Sorry.

Sculpture : The Optimist.

Sculpture : View TM.

Despite the biting cold, I had a great time checking out the numerous sculptures. Many were beautiful, some were really creative and amusing, while a few had me baffled about their artistic quality.

I would have gladly fought the cold and stayed longer on the 2km exhibition trail from Bondi to Tamarama Beach but rain came in shortly after I shot the ViewTM photo. If I get the chance again, I would definitely come back to photograph future editions of Sculpture by the Sea. The free public event is definitely worth braving the cold for!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Scot
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 03:14:29

    Great pictures as usual, and thanks for the exposure to this art event I have never come across before. Really some awesome pieces, I wanted them all.


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