Day 299 : Angels Exist

Charlie may have three angels, but I did one up and have many. I’m very grateful for all the people who have been so good to me and here are some of them. Known Chris (extreme left in grey) for more than 15 years and he graciously opened up his Sydney home to me. And Kevin (in purple) and KK (blue stripe) were just the best hosts to unzip Sydney for me. Danny (extreme right) is gonna study in Sydney soon and I look forward to his share of the cosmo city to me when I visit next time.

Chris told me he felt embarrassed for how he was rude to me as a friend in the past but I don’t remember a thing. Seriously. Thank God for amnesia! This is one case that forgetfulness get people closer together.

This photo was taken at Party World karaoke (Liang Court) when they came to visit Singapore just two days after I returned from Sydney! The coincidence is just unreal as I booked my vacation more than six months ago without knowing their plans to come Singapore. The singing session costs over S$300 and again, their generosity didn’t allow me to pay. Now I’m even deeper into feeling indebted. Argh!


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