Day 301 : In the Affairs of Cats & Dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs inside Esplanade’s foyer as artist Chua Boon Kee turned the Prime Minister’s Nation Day Rally speech last year about culling cats and saving dogs into a light-hearted art installation.

Titled ‘In the Affairs of Cats & Dogs, the Government’s Involved and So Shall We’, Boon Kee’s proposal won the most votes at the Esplanade’s 13 Steps art competition to celebrate its 10th anniversary. I found the whimsical assembly of cats and dogs so adorable. Paw this way to check out the installation from 11 Oct 2012 – 1 Jan 2013.

Aren’t they just so adorable? The good news is, there’s a chance for you to own one of them! Some of the cats and dogs on display are up for adoption and you just need to email a short explanation of why you would be a responsible adopter and include your name, NRIC number, address and contact details to Good luck!

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