Day 310 : Living Life Through the Rearview Mirror

During today’s wandering at lunchtime, I walked into a small lane and saw a Vespa parked by the side. I peered into one of its rearview eye and saw that it was watching the Holy Trinity Church at Hamilton Road.

The cautionary statement on the mirror states that “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”. “God is closer than He appears” flashed in my head.

Very often, while I drive down the road of life, I constantly check my rearview mirrors for dangers and past that will catch up with me. But I get lost in retrospection. Preferring the comfort of the familiar, the small view framed by the mirror. I don’t want to look forward because the view is too wide and there’s so much to see. What I don’t see, I don’t have to deal with.

I wonder how long will I keep avoiding my future.


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