Day 317 : Serangoon Road Diwali Decor 2012

Peacocks on lampost along the Little India stretch of Serangoon Road heralded the Hindu Festival of Lights this year. Of the 3 designated ethnic districts in Singapore – Chinatown, Geylang Serai (Malay Village), and Little India, I always felt the latter retained the most original flavours.

Chinatown is much commercialised with a plethora of clubs and fancy eateries while Geylang Serai felt more like a well-groomed residential hub but Little India is quite something on its own. Weaving in and out of the small streets in the area, the mouth-watering aroma of curry and briyani constantly filled the air. Closer to the temples and traditional garland makers, the whiff of gourmet is infused with the sweet smell of jasmine flowers, a heady overload of the senses. Then there are the fresh produce that spill onto the streets for discerning shoppers while bargain hunters would be thrilled to find S$1.00 sunglasses, S$3.00 shirts and sundries at prices that are considered stealing.

I’m sure this road is going to be bursting with more colours and frenzy when the Deepavali (also spelt Diwali) celebrations happen here tomorrow. It’s great to live in a multi-racial and tolerant society.

Oh and by the way, the message in Tamil (on the photoframe) is meant for all my Indian friends 🙂

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