Day 321 : Date Me and Gate Me

Of late, I’ve encountered many who go for open relationships. That means they have a partner, but they are free to have sex with other people. Sometimes alone, sometimes together with the partner in a threesome or more. Sex blogger Alvin Tan is a case in point.

I am not here to condemn or condone such an evolution in love and relationship. Whatever works for them in private and no one gets hurt in the process, I would say do as you please but always use protection.

I am here pondering about the notion of an open relationship because of this scene I passed by on my way to work. The gate is open, but the lock is closed. In front of me is an analogy of an open relationship where 2 people are locked in a closed union, but the gate is open for people who knows what membership you are holding behind the door to come in. In other words, your type.

I am more old school. I believe love is love because we make sacrifices. Without sacrifice, love is unproveable and unquantifiable. When we don’t make sacrifices, to me, that love is always conditional. “I love you only if you allow me to satisfy my lust with other people.” Personally, if I allow that, I’m just looking at the person I’m with as a companion, a sort of familiar transaction. Not the love of my life.

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