Day 324 : Bird’s Eye View of the Soul

The iridesence feather of a peacock always fills me with great wonderment. It feels like I’m holding a rainbow each time I have one in my hand because the feather’s bewitching beauty is so unbelieveably surreal. When I stare into the eye of the peacock feather for too long, I get this trippy, transcendental experience… kinda like getting my mind fucked.

An allusion to the mythical phoenix, the existence of such an extraordinary creature had religions embracing the peacock into their bosoms with a big spread of symbolisms. From immortality to resurrection to inner light to the all-seeing eye, the peacock is a devotional buffet for spirituality.

Of the many things the bird represents, my favourite is the Buddhist’s ascription based on the fowl’s ability to consume poisonous plants and snakes without being affected. That translates into the virtue of thriving despite going through toxic hardships.

For the spiritual behemoth that rests on the peacock, I think it’s not too much to say that its tail feather offers a bird’s-eye view of our soul 🙂

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