Day 325 : Catching Paradise

What a party the clouds are having today! Joining my many Facebook friends who turn into errant MET services with their photos of glorious sunrise / sunset / cloud formation on days such as this, I took a shot too of the cotton parade.

I wanted to use the shot for today’s photo-of-the-day but problem was, I already had quite a few of such photos in the FUNicating series. A lamp post silhouetted against a blue sky can be visually arresting but I had a hard time connecting with it meaningfully.

The notion of ‘sea of clouds’ spoke very strongly to me as I looked at this shot so I thought, to make things different, how about I spin it around and let it be where a sea should be… under the feet. As soon as I rotated the photo 180 degress, suddenly, the lamp post resembled a hook to me… a fishing hook… about to dip into the sea of clouds to fish for something. For angels? For god? For loved ones? For hope? For dreams?

How about all of the above?

So I decided it should fish for heaven as these things reside in there right? When you hooked heaven, you’ve caught yourself a peace of paradise!

The original image. I was going to call it “Your light is not needed yet”.


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