Day 331 : Body Work in Progress

Been putting in eggstra effort to build up my body the past two weeks and started a 10 egg whites a day routine a few days ago to complement my low-carb diet. I also bought bodybuilding supplements to get that extra boost. And I discovered this. Some bodybuilding products cost more, a lot more, than buying them online.

I bought the Muscletech Nitro Tech protein powder for S$188 at GNC. At, the exact same product is only S$110! That’s a whopping S$78 difference! I’m so not gonna buy stuff from GNC again.

Total spent in these 3 supplements : S$308.04. They’ll probably last me slightly over a month if I follow the listed dosage. Bodybuilding is such an expensive and time consuming hobby. So for guys who’ve worked so hard to get a great body, show it off!

While I’ve taken protein powders in the past, I’ve not tried Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and L-Glutamine. Desperate times call for double measures… hopefully the increased gym time coupled with disciplined nutrition will get me a better bod and improved health.

The next few weeks till the end of 2012 will be a test of will power and endurance. No pain, no gain. I MUST PERSIST!

If only I can afford personal training as well to workout more effectively. Or get a serious and committed gym buddy to torture me!

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