Day 332 : The Evil of Being Good

First of all, what has the photo of a HDB flat against a cloudy sky got to do with the struggle of good and evil?

The flat represented evil as humans dwell in it. Why is human evil? Because the Bible with its original sin dogma and the reincarnation theory of Buddhism says we are indebted to sin and need redemption. And the sky represented salvation or enlightenment. The photo is an innuendo of good and evil for me.

I look up to the sky, which is often day and night, in a momentary lift for my spirit and I always imagine a secret paradise behind the blue and clouds. Of course I’d flown amongst the celestial cotton and know that no physical kingdom with pavements of gold or heavenly courts await.

But still I look up. If only to escape the infirmary of an existence laden with discourse and the question of “What am I doing here?”

Over time, I find the line between good and evil non-existing. I don’t know the ultimate truth or design of things, but in my encounters, to my limited knowledge, I find it necessary to be the devil, to not acede to what another wants, asks, or demands of me and do the opposite of what they hope for. For the good of them.

But the problem is that I don’t know if the heartless monster that I chose to be achieved the good outcome for the other. I feel bad doing what I did for what I hope would be for the other person’s own good. I’m not trying to make myself out to be a long-suffering hero here but to throw a spotlight on my thoughts and resulting actions as brought on by this photographic scene before me.

Is it white to be bad, or black to be good? There’s just too much grey area in-between…


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  1. Scot
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 10:03:36

    I have no idea what you did, but we all have moments when we are not our best or ideal self towards others. Good and evil should become more obvious over time if we listen to the good all around us.


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