Day 334 : Gangnome Style!

Christmas carols have invaded our malls for a fortnight now and everywhere I looked, shades of the coming yuletide season shimmered, glittered and glowed. Everywhere. But my office.

That’s until my colleagues discovered these cute fold-it-yourself paper gnome from 3 Eyed Bear, a creative website that shares innovative handicraft paper creatures for free. Besides this gnome, called The Snorfs, there are many other kawaii-until-can-die model designs. They are really cool and relatively easy to make… just click on the design, print, cut, fold and glue.

So my colleagues made a bunch of them to infect the office with some Christmas cheer and I sneaked a photo before they got scattered around the different departments.

Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus although Christian purists question the legitimacy of 25 Dec as the day He was born and in the same breath, decry Santa Claus’  pagan DNA.

But to me, Christmas is really a celebration about YOU… about us. The reason we have a date to celebrate the birth of Jesus is because God so loved us that He gave His only Son to redeem our sins. It is for us that Christ was born. It is for you that He came.

Since we are the reason for the sleigh bells to be ringing and Rudolf to get a red nose, it makes good sense for Christmas to be about celebrating the people in our lives as much as in remembrance of the One who came for our lives.

This way, it doesn’t matter if one is Christian or non-Christian for you are worth celebrating because someone loves you. Even if it feels like no one on this earth gives a sh*t about you, there is the One who sacrificed His Son 😀


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