Day 337 : Rest and Reflect

R & R may mean “Rest and Relax” but I think “Rest and Reflect” may be more appropriate. When I get the rare opportunity to just kick off my shoes and not have a worry in the world, I hear the questions of “What do you want to do with your life?”, “What are your goals and definition to happiness?”, and “What do you want to do next?” louder than when I’m not resting.

I have long been fascinated by the extreme bipolar state of the dragonfly for a long time. One moment it can be fluttering its wings frantically while jerking back and forth while in flight and the next, it can stay absolutely, perfectly still when resting on a blade of grass.

I admire the dragonfly for it’s ability to just stay still and unperturbed. Not like most flies who may stop, but remain anxious and jittery about its surrounding.

The photo reminded me to really take a break (暂停), but I thought it is so appropriate that I should follow the way of the dragonfly to 站蜓. ‘站‘ (meaning ‘stand’) is phonetically the same as ‘暂’(meaning ‘temporary’) and ‘蜓‘ (‘dragonfly’) shares the same pronounciation as ‘停’ (‘stop’).

So the photo caption is translated as ‘stand still as a dragonfly’, which share the same Mandarin pronounciation as ‘stop for a moment’.

I hope I can achieve the zen of the dragonfly.


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