Day 349 : Friend from Taiwan

Whenever I play host to overseas friends, my lack of knowledge about Singapore shows up a little more. Sometimes, my non-local friends bring me to more interesting places on our Little Red Dot than I should have been. With our country being so small and tourist attractions so accessible, it’s embarrassing to admit that all I know about Night Safari, I heard from my non-local friends.

But it’s the same with my vacationing friends. I probably know more about the attractions of Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok than some of the locals. We are all aliens in our own homes… busybodies about what grows in our neighbours’ backyards but too lazy to mow our own lawn. Heh heh.

Tonight, I met up with a friend I made during a trip to Taiwan in August this year and she took me to her hotel. In case your imagination runs wild, I’m here because I’ve not been to Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel and Yuca convinced me it’s worth a look.

She’s right. I was enthralled by the upward tunnel that felt a little dizzying looking down from the top. The circular design has a certain hypnotic draw to it and makes for a geometrically interesting shot. Yuca sure knows how to recommend good stuff!

Bubbly and ever full of life, going on an outing with Yuca is never boring. It’s a pity we didn’t get to spend more time and will have to wait till next time to show her my side feel of Singapore. Hopefully by then, I’ll be a walking encyclopedia of all the interesting places in my homeland!

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