Day 366 : Cherishing Every Moment

I can’t believe I’ve reached the final photo of the one-pic-a-day project! If you’ve been following the postings, thanks for joining me on this visual journey.

The personal photography project is titled FUNicating 2012 because it is a slant on ‘fornicating’, to capture the scenic, emotional and psychological orgasm of each day in 2012. When I first started, it was fun. But as it progressed, it got harder and harder as there wasn’t always something interesting to photograph everyday and trying to think of creative captions for the shots began to feel draining.

Then I started to post the pictures on this blog a couple of weeks into the project and pen in a words to spell out the thoughts or circumstances behind the pictures. The FUNicating project became very time consuming and no fun at all. I wanted to stop the project a couple of times but thanks to the encouragements from Siow Har and Juliana, I pressed on.

I’m glad the project is over and I won’t ever want to put myself through it again although I did enjoy myself in the process. The daily assignment got me to explore a lot more angles of looking at a subject matter and pushed me to go down paths that I otherwise wouldn’t if I’m not hunting for shots.

Preparing the photos for posting was also a meditative procedure that had me thinking hard about what a shot meant or represented for me. What are the different layers I see in it? How can I be creative with telling its story?

For the last photo in the series, I fought with a couple of ideas for a hopefully spectacular visual finale but I decided on a simple family portrait to wrap up the project. They are the subject matter that matters most to me.

With this closing shot, I wish you a blessed 2013 filled with great joy, health, strength and fun!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jean Yeo
    Jan 06, 2013 @ 22:05:30

    Hi Darren, enjoyed your blog whilst researching on Legends of the sea. Just a note to say hi! I’m Jean Yeo, one of the directors of Growing Up if you can remember… Good to know u r loving life!!!!


    • Darren Ng
      Jan 14, 2013 @ 01:47:41

      hey jean… hope all’s going well with ya 🙂 awesome that we connected after all these years! thanks for dropping by my blog and hopefully it has been useful to give u an idea what to expect. have a great year ahead!


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