Scaling New Heights in Fitness & Adventure

No need to search for that elusive Rapunzel to let down her hair. I satisfied (and survived) my lust for thrills at SAFRA Yishun’s towering 18m abseil challenge and many more!

In the not too distant past, I could hardly sit still and had an insatiable appetite for the kind of adventures and thrills mama wouldn’t approve of. Rollercoaster rides?… No problem. Skydiving?… Where do I sign up? Bungee Jumping?… The higher the better!

Then age happened. I’m 39 by the way. And suddenly, I get mild acrophobia just by staring down my HDB window on the 15th floor. Where I used to be a daredevil, I now have a distaste for heights and anything that could raise the heart rate beyond a yawn. To rub salt into the wound, my fitness level declined and my muscles are melting faster than I could feed them with albumin. Plus, I’ve been inflicted with a chronic neck problem since late last year.

But being older doesn’t need to mean leading a poorer quality of life. A lot of how we feel and look has to do with metabolism. The slower the metabolism, the less zest we have. The good news is, we can re-program our metabolism to behave younger through sound nutrition and certain exercises.

I’ve resolute to switch on my metabolic rate again for a long time, maybe not back to when I was 18 but at least 28 *haha*, but work and frequent travels constantly thwart my plans. Thankfully, I’ve made it as SAFRA’s partner in fitness for the next 12 months and I’m excited to start reclaiming my health through facilities and possibly personal training (PT) sessions at its various clubhouses built specially for NSmen!

As I embark on this journey to rehabilitate bodily aches, improve muscle tone and reignite my passion for physical adventure, I’ll share highlights and fitness tips along the way as well as progress updates in achieving my ideal physique (I have a secret desire to be like Schwarzenegger. Whoops. I said it. It’s no secret now… haha) should I go on PT.

I am determined to succeed in delivering the promise of better health for my body and mind.

Have you made your promise to live better? 🙂


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